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Casting Properties and Uses - Yancheng Super Dragon

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Casting Properties and Uses - Yancheng Super Dragon

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Metal objects obtained by casting method, that is a good melting liquid metal, with casting, injection, inhalation or other methods of injection advance the prepared mold. After cooling the shakeout, cleaning (see casting cleaning) and post-processing (see castings after treatment), the object has a certain shape, size and performance of the obtained. Casting applications has a long history. Ancient people used for casting coins, ceremonial vessels, weapons, tools, and living utensils. In modern times, mainly used for casting rough machine parts, some precision castings, may also be used as machine parts. Casting mechanical products occupy a large proportion, such as tractors, casting weight about 50 to 70% by weight of the whole, agricultural machinery accounted for 40 to 70%, machine tools, internal combustion engines and the like 70 to 90%. All kinds of castings, machinery castings varieties up, shape the most complex, the amount is the largest, accounting for about 60% of total production of castings. Followed by the ingot mold metallurgical and engineering pipeline. Castings are also closely related to daily life. For example, often use the door, locks, radiators, down the water pipes, pots, gas hob, iron, are cast. Category casting a variety of classification methods: according to their different metal materials into steel, cast iron, copper pieces, cast aluminum, cast magnesium parts, pieces of cast zinc, cast titanium parts. And each category can be cast according to their chemical composition or microstructure further divided into different categories. Such as cast iron can be divided into gray iron castings, ductile iron, compacted graphite iron castings, malleable iron, alloy cast iron pieces; according to different methods for molding, casting can be divided into ordinary sand casting, metal castings, die castings centrifugal casting, continuous casting parts, lost wax casting, ceramic casting, remelting castings, bi-metal castings. Among the most common application of sand casting, casting accounts for about 80% of total production. The aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other non-ferrous metal castings, mostly casting. Properties and Uses of castings have excellent mechanical and physical properties, it can have a variety of strength, hardness, toughness overall performance, but also combines one or more extraordinary properties such as wear resistance, high and low temperature warm, corrosion-resistant. Casting weight and size range is very wide, weighs only a few grams of the lightest and heaviest up to 400 tons, the thinnest wall thickness of only 0.5 mm, the thickness may be more than one meter in length by a few millimeters to ten meters, to meet the requirements of different industrial sectors. Casting quality including appearance quality, internal quality and use quality. Appearance quality refers to the casting surface roughness, surface defects, size deviation, shape deviation, weight deviation; mainly refers to the intrinsic quality of the casting chemical composition, physical properties, mechanical properties, microstructure, and present in the interior of the casting holes, cracks, inclusions, segregation, etc; refers to the use of quality casting work endurance under different conditions, including wear resistance, corrosion resistance, spalling, fatigue, shock-absorbing properties and machinability, weldability process performance can be like. Casting quality has a great influence on the mechanical properties of the product. For example, wear resistance and dimensional stability of the casting machine, directly affect the accuracy of the machine to maintain life; all kinds of pump impeller, housing and hydraulic cavity size, accuracy and surface roughness profile directly affect the pump and the efficiency of the hydraulic system, the development of energy consumption and cavitation, etc; the strength of the internal combustion engine block, cylinder head, cylinder, piston rings, exhaust pipes and other castings and resistance to spalling resistance, direct impact on the working life of the engine. Many factors affect the quality of castings, casting design process is the first of. To design, in addition to determining the casting geometry, size according to the working conditions and metal material properties, but also must be from the perspective of the cast alloy and casting process characteristics to consider the design is reasonable, that is obvious size effect and solidification shrinkage stress and other issues, in order to avoid or reduce the casting composition segregation, deformation, cracks and other defects generation. Second to have a reasonable casting process. That, according to the casting structure, weight and size, cast alloy properties and production conditions, select the appropriate parting surface and shape, making the core method, a reasonable set casting bars, cold iron, riser and gating system. To ensure access to quality castings. The third is the casting quality of raw materials. Quality metal charge, refractory materials, fuel, flux, modifier and casting sand, sand binder, coating materials such as sub-standard, casting will produce pores, pinholes, slag, sticky sand and other defects, affecting the appearance quality of castings and internal quality seriously when casting will be scrapped. The fourth is the process operation, to develop a reasonable process rules to improve the skills of the workers, so that technical rules implemented correctly. Foundry, casting to quality control and inspection. First, to develop codes of technology and technical conditions from raw materials, auxiliary materials to each product-specific control and inspection. For each procedure are strict accordance codes and technical conditions to control and inspection. Finally, the finished casting for quality inspection. It is equipped with a reasonable detection method and appropriate testing personnel. General appearance quality castings can be used to determine the comparison specimen casting surface roughness; surface microcracks available coloring, magnetic particle inspection. The internal quality of the casting, available audio, ultrasonic, eddy current, X-rays and γ-rays and other methods to check and determination.

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