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Foundry industry achievements of the Decade

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Foundry industry achievements of the Decade

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Ten years China's foundry industry has made great progress, though, and foreign compared to a slight gap, but in general, with respect to the last decade can be said to have an earth-shaking change.

Ten years China's foundry industry has made great progress, though, and foreign compared to a slight gap, but in general, with respect to the last decade can be said to have an earth-shaking change.

1, casting production for 11 consecutive years, ranking first in the world

2010, China's total output reached 39.6 million tons of castings, the output value of over 400 billion yuan, foundry point of about 30,000, employing about 200 people.

2, the steady rise of the import and export castings

China's annual export volume casting casting point total of about 8%. Some of the original cast to be imported, they can now create their own. Only a handful of high-end imported castings, castings imports, accounting for 1.5% of China's exports of castings.

3, gradually increase the size of the enterprise

Total number of foundry casting enterprises than any other country in the world even more, but the average yield of the enterprise is far lower than developed countries, even lower than some developing countries. The current status is gradually improving, the average size of China's foundry business is gradually increased.

4, significantly improved the quality of castings

First cast within and outside the rejection rate has decreased significantly; Second, certain categories of casting dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, material mechanical properties and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other important quality indicators have reached world-class level; Third technical grade export castings, quality, variety and quantity has been a significant increase, some important original cast has to rely on imports to achieve localization.

5, casting enterprises have greatly improved the technical level

Over the past decade, the country has a number of foundries close in size and level of technology and world-class enterprise level, and a significant advantage in international competition.

6, casting the commercialization of raw materials greatly improve

In recent years, casting raw and auxiliary materials production and supply has become a separate industry. Some domestic large casting raw and auxiliary materials, the company not only in the country has a pivotal position, but also exported to other countries.

7, share of domestic casting equipment and die manufacturing level has improved significantly

Domestic original equipment manufacturer casting plus a number of new companies through the introduction of technology, digestion and absorption, independent innovation way, a lot of cost-effective production of casting equipment, basically meet the domestic demand for high-end casting production enterprises, while exports showed a rising trend.

Casting mold manufacturing has also been rapid development. Xiangshan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu Wuxi, China has become the manufacturing center of the casting mold. Complex casting mold can be manufactured in the country.

8, specialized companies to further enhance the level of casting

In recent years, many casting enterprises to accelerate the pace of professional, committed to the development of high-tech, self-technology products never awakened. Specialized production superiority is further reflected.

9, the "green casting" concept has been strengthened

In recent years, energy conservation, health, safety and other "green casting" concept in the foundry industry is increasingly strengthened. Some casting enterprises, and achieved remarkable results in cleaner production, energy saving and reducing discharge standards, to prevent major accidents and mitigate occupational hazards and so on.

10, accelerated industrial agglomeration

In recent years, many local governments are actively casting industry clusters (industrial countries) of the building, so that the foundry industry has entered a casting parts specialization, scale benign orbit. Anhui Ningguo as "China wear-resistant castings of all," Guangdong Province to the "Chinese die casting industry cluster demonstration base" of Hebei Province, "China foundry town" Jiahe, Hunan Province, "China foundry industry cluster pilot counties" and so on.

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