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Casting pipe fittings to connect engineering technology

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Casting pipe fittings to connect engineering technology

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       Yancheng Foundry --- tube connection technology, also known as clamp connection technology, has become the most important technology of the current liquid, gas pipe connections, although this technology in the country's development later than other countries, but because of its advanced technology, soon be receiving the domestic market. Beginning in 1998, research and development to the present, through the development and application of just a few years, has gradually replaced the two traditional pipe connection flanges and welding. Not only technically more mature, the market generally recognized, and received positive guidance of national regulations and policies. Application Groove Tube connection technology, the process becomes complex piping connections simple, quick and convenient. The pipe connection technology is a major step forward. 2. Introduction groove grooved pipe connection fittings include two categories of products: ① the connecting pipe sealing member has a rigid couplings, flexible couplings, grooved mechanical tee and flange; ② the connecting pipe transition effect elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, blind panels. The connecting seal groove connecting tube has three main components: the sealing rubber ring, clamp and locking bolts. Located in the inner rubber seals placed outside is connected to the pipe, and advance Rolling grooves coincide, then the external rubber ring buckle clamp, then use two bolts can be. Due to its rubber seals and clamp using the unique sealable structure design, making grooved member has a good seal, and the pipe with increased fluid pressure within its respective enhanced sealing. 3, the advantages of pipe trench connecting 3.1 operatively connected simple pipe trench is very simple, no special expertise, ordinary workers through simple training to operate. This is because the product has a lot of fine art section in factory mode integrated into the finished goods. A tube connected to only a few minutes, the maximum simplifies the technical difficulty of field operations, save time, thus stabilizing the quality of the project and improve work efficiency. This is also the installation of the overall direction of technology development. The pipe connection of traditional welding and flange connection, not only need to have appropriate skills, welders, and time-consuming, difficult operation workers is large, and there is pollution of welding fumes. Due to differences in operating space and welding skills, welding quality and appearance are difficult to achieve satisfactory results, thus affecting the overall quality of the project. Further, since the pipe trench is finished pieces, small scene required operating space, the true realization of a wall by the angle installation, operation difficulty greatly reduced, thereby saving floor space, landscaping installation of the pipeline effect. Original properties 3.2 conduit pipe trench connecting unaffected, only the outer surface of the pipe is connected with a roller slot machines squeeze out a trench, without damaging the pipe wall structure, which is connected to pipe trench unique technical advantages. If using the traditional welding operation, done a lot of the inner wall of the pipe coating will be destroyed. Therefore, specification of galvanized pipes, plastic-lined steel pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe and so should not be used for welding and flange connection, or the need for secondary processing. 3.3 conducive to construction safety using Groove Tube connection technology, the site requires only cutting machine, roller slot machines and knob bolts with a wrench, construction convenient. The use of welding and flange connection, you need to be equipped complex power cable, cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene cylinders, etc., which brought the organization to the construction of the complex, and there is also the danger of leakage and fire hazards . Meanwhile welding slag welding and gas cutting generated by the inevitable fall into the pipeline, the use of pipeline valves prone to clogging or equipment, but also pollute the water inside the tube. In addition, welding and flange connection inevitably takes a long time high-strength high-altitude operations, but also prone to production safety accidents. 3.4 system stability, easy maintenance pipe trench connection with unique features of flexibility, so that pipe with anti-vibration, anti-contraction and expansion of capacity, compared with the welding and flange connection, increase the stability of the piping system, more suited to temperature changes, thereby protecting the pipeline valves, piping stress also reduces the damage to the structural member. Since the pipe trench connection is simple to operate, it requires smaller operating space, which brought a lot of convenient conditions for future maintenance. When in need of repair and replacement of pipelines, simply release the two clamps to any replacement, rotation, modify some lines. Without damage to the surrounding walls, reducing maintenance time and maintenance costs. 3.5 Economic Analysis Because Groove Tube connection simple operation, saving time and labor time, so it has good economic benefits. Many articles have done economic analysis, that "the use of clamp connections, despite the higher price of individual parts of the clip, but the overall effectiveness of the entire pipe network is installed above the flange connection." When articles are flanged by contrast secondary galvanized (according to specifications and this is to be done). Below I will, "Water and Wastewater" magazine in 2001 the first five "Talking about the joint pipe clamp system," the results of a comparison of the text reproduced below for reference. Table 1. Table 1 two connections cost comparison clamp connection cost / unit flange connection cost / yuan 159 × 5mm seamless steel pipe seamless steel 30503.76 30503.76 159 × 5mm clip + + elbow tee flange 9143.00 + + galvanized pipe elbow tee 8181.80 9532.13 + flanged pipe fittings galvanized 10762.28 + 1305.56 first install the second installation of a total of 7059.62 56507.46 50486.45 Total Note: 2005 market prices groove fittings have dropped significantly compared to 2001. 4, Groove Tube Groove Tube connection scope as an advanced connection pipe connection, which can be buried next set, that steel joint, there are flexible joints. So it has a broad scope of application. ① divided by the system: Can be used for fire water system, air conditioning, hot and cold water systems, water supply systems, petrochemical pipeline systems, thermal and military pipeline system, sewage pipeline systems; ② by pipeline Material: Can be used to connect steel, copper , stainless steel, plastic-lined steel pipe, ductile iron pipe, thick-walled plastic pipe and hose and pipe fittings and valves with flanged joints. 5, support policies and regulations due to the connection pipe in a trench advanced technology, have obvious advantages, the domestic market first to give recognition to install, then multiple state policies and regulations have given recognition and support. Pipe connections gradually become a mainstream technology.

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